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Friday, October 23, 2009

One in five "considering" voting BNP!

Every little helps the BNP!Would you Adam 'n Eve it! The BBC has done the BNP proud. Not just by putting Nick Griffin on Question Time, but by allowing a dodgily selected audience (enticed to boo at appropriate moments like a 19th century music hall crowd) and by the fellow guests ganging up on him, thereby making him look "got at".

As Griffin himself says, this parody hardly touched the BNP policies. Now we have, according to Sky News, an opinion poll suggesting that 22% of the British people have allowed their minds to loosen overnight and for them to consider voting BNP. With a crowded field in many constituencies, that could see MPs elected. Now that would turn the House of Commons into a bear pit.

Remember, New Labour, who trumpet the fact that they "won" three general elections in a row, only managed to get 20% of the total electorate's support last time. Put's it into perspective a bit!

The BNP needs to be quizzed not on immigration or race - we know what they stand for there. Let's confront their command and control economic policies and their quick fix law and order solutions. But above all, please, please let the mainstream parties just stop the spinning, deceipt and cronyism. It's just helping to bolster the 22% as they mull over the benefits of a BNP government!


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