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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tony Blair lied about Iraq says Bob Ainsworth

Bob Ainsworth knows what's what. Stick a pin in him and he warbles about almost anything. He's got two chips on his shoulder (a bit like John Prescott) which are that he came from humble beginnings and that he thinks people take him for a fool. Well, I for one don't knock him for either. Good on him getting to be Defence Secretary. Just as the Earl of Onslow suggested to Prescott that he should feel proud of his achievements rather than to feel irked, the same goes for Bob.

My beef with Mr. Ainsworth is this. He knows more than he is letting on. Or at least letting on to those that should be knowing about his thoughts and his views. Bob was at a public meeting in Coventry at the Aldermoor Farm Primary School. At the meeting he was apparently asked about Iraq. To astonishment he said that "Tony Blair had fed lies" to the Labour Party about the war. He then went on to say that he "was an ordinary man from a council estate in Coventry. I don't sit in ivory towers".

So the audience got to hear that he thinks Tony Blair is a liar but that he didn't do anything about this because he is basically too naively simple to take it further. Wow! And how did I hear of this? Via the BNP website, because the BNP candidate for Coventry North-East, Tom Gower, was at the meeting and reported it all on the BNP site.

Do I believe Gower's reporting? I don't know, but why should I not? Interestingly, this has not been reported anywhere else as far as I can see. The only piece I can find is on the Coventry Telegraph's site, where Bob Ainsworth talked blandly about Afghanistan not Iraq. That's nearly three weeks ago and is all a very different take on Mr.Gower's.

So is the BNP making it all up and Ainsworth never said anything about Blair being a liar? Or is the mainstream media suppressing it because this was "leaked" by the BNP? Or what?

The truth is not quite as it seems. My point in revealing this is that it will only aid the BNP's election chances if the mainstream gives them cause to reveal unpalatable facts and allows them the chance to dress up the information revealed. I think we need to know if Bob Ainsworth actually called Tony Blair a liar ("fed lies") because it drives a coach and horses through the Labour party's defence of the war.

The next election will be fought over transparency. The truth getters against the obfuscators, liars, spinners and cheats. I just hope someone other than a BNP candidate can unearth the prattling lies.


I admit an immediate interest in that I am a BNP councillor myself but there is one thing that you should bear in mind when considering our website: if we made it up then we would be straight in court!

Hope this helps.

Martyn Findley.

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