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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drunk driving woman bishop resigns

I had never heard of the fact that a woman headed up the Lutheran Church in Germany. Now it has come to pass that she drank too much and got caught driving a car. So that's how I get to hear of her! This is relatively big news on the continent but it has gone virtually unnoticed in Britain. Margot Kaessmann appears to have been caught out on the drink front having previously stated that alcohol abuse was a concern.

Far be it for me to cast the first stone. I'd be feeling too guilty even contemplating stooping down to find one. She did wrong and admitted it freely. What I found interesting is that Ms Kaessmann has been described as the "popstar of Protestantism". She has an attractiveness that would lead the media, at least, to propound such an opinion. And that seems to be the way protestant thinking is going for those of a liberal persuasion. Ms Kaessmann is divorced and no doubt has a particular view of what kind of "good report of them which are without" a bishop should have. Liberal churchpeople have liberal interpretations, one of which suggests she may be a kind of X Factor competitor or maybe Germany's Got Talent.

What would St.Paul have made of it all!


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