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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eric Illsley to leave Commons within the month

Eric Illsley is going to do the decent thing. He's resigning as an MP. Barnsley Central constituents won't need to be prison visitors unless of course they want to be.

What Illsley should have done was to step aside at the General Election. He knew then what he knows now. He pushed the bounds of political decency beyond a certain point. It's been said he just followed the system. In fact, he's on record as saying it was all seen as a pay top-up. In some ways the House of Commons is very much like a public school. All MPs who cravenly accepted the "fees" basis for getting a bit extra on the side are guilty of trying to run a secret system. They got found out. Illsley just took it a bit too far for the others to accept. He's guilty as charged, but is he any more morally wrong than the others?

David Cameron said last week that politics isn't always fair. No its not. And the way the expenses scandal has been handled that statement is very true. Some MPs got away with it (just paid it back), others got thrown out by fellow members they had never got on with, and some, like Illsley, end up as convicts. In some ways I feel a bit sorry for Eric Illsley. He forged a few documents in order to gain some extra cash. Others just presented original documents for things they never really needed. In reality, it was all some fantastical forgery, a con on the public. Just as at school, the ones that let the side down big time get the stick.

If only they had had the guts to present a proper pay structure that all could see.


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