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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ladbrokes and the Labour Leadership

I know that there are mutterings about Ed Miliband as Labour Leader. But what I didn't know was the types in the running to succeed him should that London bus get out of control. According to Ladbrokes, the "Next Permanent Labour Party Leader" may come from a dizzy list of 46 luminaries. Top of the list is Yvette Coooper. OK that's not so outlandish. But what about these characters? Tony Blair and Gordon Brown? They must be joking. And the odds aren't bad for these two. 100/1 for Blair. They even suggest Sarah Brown might be the "Next Permanent Labour Party Leader". Some names I've never heard of. I think they are new MPs. Oh, and Mandelson's on the list. And Vince Cable! Does Nick Clegg know about that?

One new MP high up on the list is Chuka Umanna. He's the posh-sounding black MP for Streatham. Sounds like he should be a Tory, but he's definitely a lefty. I've seen him in action in the Commons and he's very much better than Miliband. He's been called young, gifted and black and some describe him as Britain's answer to Obama. If anyone's thinking of a bet, then he's a far better bet that the hasbeens and harridans that will probably step up should Miliband wilt.


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