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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mubarak is the dimmest man in the world!

Hosni Mubarak must be the dimmest man in the world. Virtually the whole of Egypt thinks he is past his sell-by-date for whatever reason. He thinks otherwise. Just on that level only he is not fit to be in power. Has he read history? If he hasn't he should be given a few good books to thumb through. His best bet is to go with a bit of dignity. Leave it any longer and he will be joining the likes of Mussolini in ignomy.

I saw John Kerry, erstwhile US presidential candidate who is in Davos, waxing on about Mubarak. His waffle and double speak did him no favours. Democrats should be democrats for all and not suggest that a tyrant can be tamed just to suit American foreign policy. On that note alone I'm glad John Kerry never got to be president.


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