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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Pressing times - media twists and turns

I was reminded on this blog that the reporter who decided that Robert Murat (of the Madeleine McCann case) was a suspect was Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror. This is a youtube of her in action. She could have been speaking about herself and her rag!

And then there is Martin Brunt, the crime reporter from Sky News. He has the look of a lost ferret trying to find a trouser leg. This is his take on the McCann case in Portugal.

The trouble with these characters is that they are paid handsomely to speculate and spew out their notions in a very casual manner. Brunt has been in Bristol following a similar pattern of thought process.

From Sky News -
Sky News' crime correspondent Martin Brunt, in Bristol, said that after Jefferies had spoken to Sky News there were questions surrounding his claim. "I think he first told neighbours that he thought he had seen Miss Yeates leaving with two people before he spoke to the police, but when we spoke to him he seemed rather vague about the details," he said. "It then became a bit of mystery and it almost was a case of things not adding up." He added: "Police now have up to 96 hours to either charge him, release him on bail for further questioning, or release him with no further action. "It's important to stress at this stage that he has simply been arrested on suspicion of her murder and he hasn't been charged, and it may well be that he is not charged."

Maybe Dominic Grieve should tap Brunt on the shoulder?

Some wise cove has suggested on a webchat site that Christopher Jefferies will "get over it". Nobody gets over it. None of these things can be forgotten. Not one person involved in such cases. Joanna Yeates' boyfriend has quite rightly rounded on the media. Just going around pointing the finger does no good whatsoever. It certainly does not help grieving relatives who only see a circus of thoughtless clowns.


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