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Friday, January 21, 2011

Richard Barnbrook AM to join English Democrats?

Richard Barnbrook is the Assembly member on the Greater London Assembly who was elected as a list member for the BNP. Somehow he fell out with the BNP and drifted off into the nether regions of nationalist politics. Now I see that he is being courted by the English Democrats. Barnbrook is not one for membership of a party that says it is an inclusive organisation I would have thought.

The leader of the English Democrats is Robin Tilbrook, a pillar of legal and Anglican circles. I cannot understand why he thinks Barnbrook would be a suitable standard bearer, unless of course it's just opportunist politics with integrity on the back burner.

This from The Cross of St George Forum with all the shinanigans!


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I don't get why your courses would help the English Democrats with their appreciation of Barnbrook's talents or lack of them.

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