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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Starbucks changes its logo - slightly!

Wake up and smell the coffee. Then look at the new Starbucks logo. I sometimes wonder what these corporations think of their buying public. Perhaps the chief executive of Starbucks was told most are in need of mental incentives and are too dim to get it without extra stimulation. No doubt a firm of consultants was wheeled in to explain the finer details of the minds of coffee drinkers. Surprising when you think that Starbucks originated in Seattle, the home of Microsoft and Boeing amongst others. The new logo is because the company says it indicates its intention to move beyond its core product. But do people need a new logo?

I was just wondering if the ghost of my maternal grandmother was haunting Starbucks. She used to query the move of the local traders when they moved away from their core business. "What are you selling bread for, Mr.Moon? You're a butcher!" Not that any of it made much impact on small Yorkshire shopkeepers in the Thirties. I suspect this logo change cost a fair packet. But all that's happened is the princess bit has been enlarged, gone green, and the Starbucks coffee ring removed. All because they might sell ice cream!

Does it show good corporate governance?


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