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Monday, February 28, 2011

Simon Kirby MP in attack on Church

Some Conservative MPs are fast becoming secularists and anti-Christian lobbyists. I'm all in favour of people being themselves, but it ill becomes those who lecture others about their beliefs, especially when there is a paucity of knowledge. Simon Kirby MP says of the current clamour over same-sex unions being blessed in Church, “Public opinion is moving faster than the Church on this issue and it is increasingly in danger of getting left behind.” Mr.Kirby must surely know that public opinion has nothing to do with revealed truth. Christ's Gospel was His and is His and does not come from public opinion. The Church is not in danger of getting left behind or anything else. Mr.Kirby would probably have told the woman at the well all sorts of stuff, but going and sinning no more would likely not be that. Christians are supposed to be in the world but not of the world. Mr.Kirby wants it the other way round.

Maybe he should stop being a Conservative MP and become a modernising revisionist of secular doctrines. Far more honest!


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