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Sunday, March 27, 2011

East Coast rail delays spark passenger anger

Last Train to Clarkesville? Last train cancelled!
I hardly know where to start! And I was not on the wretched train. It beggars belief that corporate business gets away with the mushroom treatment of customers on a daily basis. The latest company to offer its customers the "no information" line is East Coast. Passengers were left stranded by signalling problems on the East Coast Main Line and had to fend for themselves. Middlesbrough passenger Mike Oyston said, "It was just chaos, there was no information at all."

Time and time again we get this. Lame excuses from company bigwigs. It seems not to matter what industry, although the rail industry is top of the tree when it comes to lack of information. You would have thought that, with this industry being nearly two centuries old, they would have had some "robust" training in such matters by now. But, hey ho!

Grandmother Pat Feetham, of Hull, also complained of a lack of information after being stuck on a train from Scotland for almost five hours. "They ran out of food, it was very cold and we didn't know what was happening until a police officer got on the train and said there were buses to take us to York. We're not happy."

So can we stop all this nonsense once and for all. Let all companies have information officers who know what to say, when to say it and where to say it. We are all grown up. We know things go wrong from time to time. But for heaven's sake treat us better than you have been treating us!


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