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Monday, March 28, 2011

Harriet Harman is outraged by the "disgraceful" Boris Johnson!

"Oh no! It's Candid Camera!"
Harriet Harman is a grade A hyprocrite when it comes to castigating people for political offence. She has been making offensive remarks most of her political life. Probably because she fits so badly into the clothes of a socialist. A wolf in sheep's clothing? More like a female polecat on the make.

Today she feigns outrage at comments the mayor of London has made about the Two Eds. That they would be "quietly satisfied" with disorder on a day of protest in London against cuts. Harman says it was a disgraceful remark. As if she has ever been full of grace herself. Who was it who likened the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to a "ginger rodent"? Why, it was the Harperson herself!

She is one to talk. A hypocrite all round!


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