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Friday, March 18, 2011

No gadfly zone over Libya - Gaddafi to get swatted!

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"
So the United Nations finally came up with a decision. A no fly zone is just the beginning. It is far better that dictators who are contemplating slaughtering their own people are dealt with by the international community instead of by unilateral action of a few or even one. In the case of Libya, we now know that Gaddafi and his henchsons are on their own.

I really think the crunch point came with Gaddafi's rambling rhetoric. Even the other Arab nations were appalled at his depiction of people as dogs scavenging for titbits. He is a total embarrassment to them. Perhaps he may be gone very soon.

As part of the action against Gaddafi, perhaps the tracking down of his ill gotten gains would be a good start. It's one thing bombing his air bases but where it hurts most for these criminal types is in the pocket. No stolen dosh and they've got no purpose in life. Gaddafi stole loads of cash from his people. He stole their freedom too. In fact he's just one giant pickpocket.

A free Libya will be a great Libya. Surely in the 21st century there is not one country in the world that wants repressive leaders schooled in the Al Capone method of politically criminal gain to rule over them. There's still an A to Z of corrupt despots that will be in the line-up for removal. From Arabia to Zimbabwe!

The best thing for Libya, though, would be for the Libyan army to drive off in the direction of Benghazi with tank turrets draped in the real Libyan flag. Now that would be a sight to see.


The No Fly Zone Resolution should disable all the fighter jets the madman has in his position.A¬ll his tanks and military vehicles should also be destroyed to ensure a level plane field.Fina¬lly, all the frozen assets of Gaddafi and his henchmen should immediatel¬y be transferre¬d to the opposition group so it can purchase defensive armaments needed badly.

Gaddafi's assets always appear to be at least lukewarm. He's able to tap into them with ease! If they were frozen he might get frostbite. If they were made too hot he might get his fingers burnt. I don't think the thermometer is working that well.

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