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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Of course, I'm not religious in anyway" mantra backed by humanists

What all good humanists are sending with their census forms
Two-thirds of the British people are not religious, according to a survey commissioned by the British Humanist Association. The result has sent the humanists into the stratosphere with ecstatic joy. The more they can rubbish God or more correctly put people off being "godbotherers" the happier they are. And if it makes them happy, who am I to deny them their happiness.

For pedantic reasons, the humanists do not want people putting "Christian" down as their religion on the Census form as they may not believe any of it. You should not identify as a cultural Christian, according to the humanists. However, they can be cultural humanists. In fact, they've identified two-thirds as being like them.

What I do find odd is that the Census just asks whether one is Christian. It cares not what denomination one is. If I was in charge I'd be curious to know. Not just for being nosey, but because the government spends money on schools which are RC, CofE or whatever. It certainly is not for reasons of ecumenical niceties that they ask us to say Christian only. It must be for some obscure PC reason!


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