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Saturday, March 12, 2011

One man dies in 3ft of water, the other is saved after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge

Britain is still suffering from the New Labour regime's politically correct (incorrect) meddling. They left a legacy where Sodom & Gomorrah met up with the Temple of the Pharisees and the Courts of the Moneychangers. A mish-mash of greed, self-righteousness and arrant hypocrisy. The chief of the regime, Tony Blair, is now acting as some kind of moral trojan horse within the Roman Catholic Church. Quite a few have spotted his low level of acceptance of Catholic belief.

One aspect of the legacy is the dimwitted adhesion government lackies have to health and safety. Most are moronically wedded to the concept. The Daily Mail reports that a charity shop worker was 'left to die' in 3ft of water because rescue workers were worried about their own health and safety. As one person said, "They just all seemed to be standing around".

It beggars belief that sanity can escape the minds of people working in the rescue services. Common sense has given way to a craven desire to genuflect at the altar of political correctness. I still think many put "good at being moronic in difficult circumstances" as skills on their CVs. It seems just what the recruiters are looking for. In response to the death of the man, the fire service and police say they did not enter the water as their regulations ban them from doing so – only specially trained water unit firefighters are allowed to go in.
Hampshire Police’s corporate communications officer Neil Miller admitted that the officers’ actions were for ‘health and safety reasons’, but defended their decision.


Totally outrageous. Mr.Miller is an utter disgrace. A man died and all he can do is defend the blasted regulations. He should hang his head in shame.

Across the pond and continental USA another, totally different story emerges. A young schoolboy falls off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and survives. It was as if he had just dived into the local swimming pool. He was helped to shore by a surfer who was already in the water. Frederic Lecouturier, 55, said he was surfing under the bridge when he saw the boy jump. "I thought, 'Well, he’s going to die' and then it was a miracle when he popped up alive. I padded out there and he told me he jumped “for kicks”. That’s when I lost it and told him what he did was wrong, that life is precious and he should not take risks like that."

The difference is startling. In Britain, lethargy get's the better of the rescuers. 3ft of water gives them the habdabs and they act as moral cowards. Life is less precious than the regulations. Maybe Mr. Lecouturier could pay a visit to Britain, where he can lose it and tell Hampshire Fire and Rescue that what they did was wrong. Life is precious.

So why are we being encouraged to stand on the sidelines, watching it expire for no other reason than stubborn pigheadedness?

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