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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Salt of the Earth? Not in Stockport chip shops!

"They've banned salt in the chippy, Ada!"
The council in Stockport is the latest to get themselves all in a lather about the relationship between salt intake and unhealthy Northerners. They think fish and chip shops and takeaways in general use far too much and that customers delight in oversalting their food. So they've aked for salt cellars to be removed from eyesight in case a whole lotta shakin' goes on.

Personally I think chips without salt are rather tasteless. But I don't care for that finely ground Cheshire stuff. No wonder they had to reduce the holes in salt cellars from 17 to 5. No, I much prefer some tasty sea salt freshly ground over the fish and chips I buy. When the chippy chirps up and asks if I want "salt 'n vinegar" I demur and think of my own crystals falling over the food.

Food without salt is, well, not that tasty. Food with too much salt? Not that great, either. If slavering Mancunians (and Cheshire type Stockporters!) can't summon up self control, then they may get heart disease, palpitations and dizzy spells. They know the score. But I don't see it the business of the state, local or national, to be mother, nanny and next-door-neighbour rolled into one.

Salt shakers might have been doing too much shaking. But let's get a sense of proportion.


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