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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winson Green (Birmingham) Prison to be privatised!

"I'm escaping This prison's not what it used to be!"
Winson Green Prison, known by the Home Office as HM Prison Birmingham, is to be privatised. G4S are to get their hands on it. I do hope they won't let any prisoners escape. The only reason this is being done is to cut costs. Cut too much and the inmates get ratty. One wonders what was promised to Kenneth Clarke when the tender went in. I think all Brummies should keep a watchful eye on events as this "goes forward". The Prison Officer's Association has a mandate from its members to take industrial action if any prisons are contracted out to the private sector. A recipe for mayhem?


They will reap what the sow. Whenever a private prison has a riot. It is public sector staff who go in and sort it out. (This happens more frequently than you think.) Do you think that public sector staff will go in, and don't forget it is voluntary, when Birmingham goes up?

I tend to agree with the reaping and sowing. Some things are best left in public ownership. Margaret Thatcher's "privatisation too far" was the Post Office. Mine is the prisons, if I'm honest. Private operators have little desire for rehabilitation. It's purely the contract. Will they think of having privatised judges and courts?

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