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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wolverhampton mayor arrested after cannabis raid

The Pick of the Cop!
There was a time when the police would accept the word of someone like the mayor of a town. But we live in very changed times. A gentleman may not seem all that he appears. A policeman may not appear all that he seems. We've lived through MPs having their parliamentary offices raided, MPs in court and subsequently sent to prison. We've had CEOs of large companies telling porkies. We've witnessed football managers outdoing each other on the expletives. Is it any wonder the police are not prepared to accept the word of a gentleman?

The mayor of Wolverhampton, a Liberal Democrat, has been arrested after cannabis plants were found by police at an industrial unit. He says it's nothing to do with him. Malcolm Gwinnett was detained by Staffordshire Police on Saturday on suspicion of growing cannabis after the raid in Wombourne. He said he had been "temporarily" arrested and strongly denied any wrongdoing. He has been bailed by police. Mr. Gwinnett said the plants were found in an annexe near a unit he rents out.

So he told the police that the plants were not in his unit, they are nothing to do with him and that he does not smoke. He also says the police found it funny. Found what funny? It seems arrests are made in some cases not because the police necessarily have correct evidence, but because they just don't believe the answers given. Could it be that they thought all LibDems smoke pot so why not just arrest him anyway? Or are they now so suspicious of politicians that a firm NO is mistaken for a maybe or a might be?

I do hope that the arrest procedure is not now just a simple technique in trying to prove prejudices correct.


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