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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cartwheeling verger, Uncle Gary, Boris, Becks and Pippa too!

Uncle Gary in the posh clobber
There are certain events where it pays to have a second look. The Royal Wedding all looked so fantastic on the "live" event. But for the "extras" you had to wait for the recorded bits. That's when the digitally-enhanced computer geeks of the media give their presenters something juicy to talk about.

Jon Snow was quite taken with the cartwheeling verger. And who can blame the guy for a bit of exuberance. The Abbey must have been under all sorts of pressure to get it right on the day. They got it right and it must have felt great. If you are a verger and you can do cartwheels, Westminster Abbey is a very good place to thank God for your talent!

Talking of talents there are plenty in the Middleton/Goldsmith clan. I see James Middleton is into cakes. His mother is a party favours supplier. Pippa Middleton is a 57 a second Tweet gatherer. Michael Middleton is top of every father's list for his talented bride-giving-away technique. I thought he was great!

But what of Uncle Gary Goldsmith. Carole must have had double-minded thoughts on that one. What to do with brother Gary? The Daily Mail describes him as a black sheep of the family. Well, haven't we all had one in a generation or two. I certainly have. Not like Gary, though. He's got tattoos that look like a stamp collection. And he lives in a house in Spain called 'La Maison de Bang Bang'. Very tasteful. He seems to have a talent for creating wealth in a way that the press find curiously interesting. Oh, and he rather crudely called William a f****r on first meeting him.

Boris Johnson is taking the cuts seriously. He hired his morning suit apparently. You can't win in the sartorial game. If he'd owned a suit that fitted he'd be got at for being a toff. Samantha Cameron is twitted for not wearing a hat. I didn't know hat wearing was compulsory for women at weddings. By the way, I thought Ed Miliband and Justine looked very good. Why spoil it all by listening to those dears on the front bench and turning up in your day clothes.

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!
David Beckham spruces up well. He needs advice, though, on medal wearing. And I couldn't help but smile at how pleased Elton John looked with just being there. Three times at least he was shown by the BBC and each time he looked like a cat admiring a bowl of cream.

A great day all round. The German newspaper Bild was bemoaning the fact that Germany doesn't have a royal family. Well, they could have but they locked their royals up in their castles and were nasty to them. And I don't include the Kaiser in that. King Simeon of Bulgaria and King Michael of Romania were there, as was King Constantine. Maybe the European Commission could have a Be Nice To Kings Day?

It was right to have the day off. A public holiday for people to mix, match and make merry. If Nick Clegg had any worries about social mobility then he can forget them. Yesterday we got social mobility in all directions!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1381827/Royal-Wedding-2011-Kate-Middletons-naughty-uncle-Gary-Goldsmith-cleans-act.html#ixzz1L0XWKROL


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