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Friday, April 08, 2011

Corrina Corrina - Ray Peterson

In the Seventies I used to listen to Jimmy Savile's Speakeasy show on Radio 1. It was followed by a chart show based on playing a chart from that week of years gone by. On one show Jimmy was gabbling away about "Dance Awls" and reminiscing about his days as a DJ in them, which gave him the link to this great song by Ray Peterson.

Having not heard it before I thought I needed it for my collection. Unlike today, if you missed a hit of the fifties or early sixties, it was unlikely to be repeated. In any event, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and all the rest swept Ray Peterson and  most of his contemporaries aside. So I missed Corrina Corrina, until that day.

Peterson had a great voice. For one who contracted polio, he did a good movement routine. I found out he died in Smyrna, Tennessee at the age of 65. I lived in Smyrna, Georgia for a while so this gives a tenuous link for me.


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