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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mother drives minivan into Hudson river with kids

Hudson River Newburgh Bay
A mother and three children were found dead in a submerged minivan she intentionally drove into the Hudson River after a fourth child escaped and got help, officials said on Wednesday. Mayor Nicholas Valentine said Newburgh, where the tragedy happened, was heartbroken by the deaths but vowed residents would pull together to heal. "We are talking about a tragedy in this city that is probably second to none," said Valentine. "We are a tough city. We are a compassionate city. We are all one and if you need our help and assistance, we are here for that."

The mother must have been desperate for whatever reason. Infanticide is nothing new in this world, but it is always a horror when it happens. The one child left behind has a burden to carry that is not his own.

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Obviously, this woman was emotionally imbalanced. The identity of the family is being withheld but, newer stories state that the father of the children has been informed of what happened. Why is this woman's identity being withheld? Who is being protected here?

Probably the surviving child, as much as the wider family. If social services were involved, then they should not be allowed to hide behind some secrecy code.

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