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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Please Come To Boston

The first song on my new-looking blog is that of "Please Come To Boston" and this version is by Reba McEntire. I went to Boston in 1974 and have not been back. Not because I didn't like the place but because I found other cities to visit and different friends in them. Little did I know then that 1974 was the year Dave Loggins wrote this song and put it on his album Apprentice (In a Musical Workshop). I bought that album a few years later as a memory aid!

Reba McEntire's version is equally brilliant. I seem to remember I enjoyed Boston. It has all the tourist stuff. I walked the Freedom Trail, tried saying "park the car in Harvard yard" in a Bostonian accent, and saw lots of famous buildings. Heard about John Hancock and was rebuked for not knowing who Paul Revere was. I do know now and have never since forgotten him. Went into a beautiful church and later had Baskin Robbins ice cream for the first time. In fact, America introduced me to things I'd never seen in England, like iceberg lettuces, tuna and decent sandwiches. How things have changed.

Please go back to Boston is what I sometimes say to myself. Maybe soon, but there are so many other places too.


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