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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say No to the Alternative Vote

I've put up a poll on the Alternative Vote. Of course, it's the real one that counts on May 5th. I'm voting No. Not because I'm negative but this is all a bit of a joke. It's not proportional representation, which is what the LibDems were after. All it will do is give those at the bottom preferential treatment in deciding the eventual winner. I bet those LibDems in favour think they will get Labour, Green and others voting for them as second, third preference. That's what's motivating them. It's not "plumping" for a candidate, as the late Arthur Marshall might have said. It's more plumping up the votes of losers and hasbeens.

So I'll be sticking with the system we have. It may not be perfect but it suits me and hopefully many more. Remember, if only 5% turnout and the Ayes get it, don't think the Apathy Party can plump up the No vote. They can win on virtually nothing. It's all a fix, a fudge and a f......!


Me too, AV is a desperate attempt by a doomed party to cling to power.

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