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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wayne Rooney is gutted!

"I'm gutted!"
Wayne Rooney said he is "gutted" he will miss the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City on 16 April after he failed to overturn a two-match ban. The Manchester United striker accepted the Football Association charge for swearing into a TV camera after scoring a hat-trick at West Ham last Saturday. But he appealed against the length of the suspension, calling it "excessive".

I think the tabloids, especially The Sun, could not have made him into such a celebrity if his name had been Dave Smith or some such. I just think it rolls off the tongues of tabloid reporters. "Why -ane Roooneee" they yelp and off they go. He looks like a bruiser, plays like a bruiser and talks like a bruiser. They're made for each other!


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