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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bin Laden's Abbottabad compound is prized property indeed!

Half private compound - half private prison
I'm just wondering about those Pakistani authorities. Did it ever occur to them that a fortified house with fortified walls was something a tad odd in town? Abbottabad is apparently a sought after place for learning. It has a highly regarded set of educational establishments. Several secondary schools and the Pakistan Military Academy too. But not so high that a student might ask "Please sir, who lives in that fancy house we pass on the way to college?". Silence all round we are led to believe.

Do they have planning laws in Abbottabad? I can't believe all the banging, hammering and drilling went unnoticed. Very strange. Still no word from the Pakistan government. Maybe they're in shock. The world's most wanted found right under their noses. And it happened in Abbottabad, a town founded during the high days of British India by Major James Abbott in 1853. Would the major have been caught napping?

Another thing about Abbottabad is that it has long been a favourite of tourists. They've been flocking to this beautiful part of the world since colonial times. There are quite a few guest houses in town. Well, one less now! It wouldn't be that surprising if some enterprising soul adds the infamous compound to the tourist trail. "..and this is where Osama Bin Laden lived...."

Osama Bin Laden dead. Well, it had to happen one day if only by natural causes. This way, though, we know where he was and how long he'd been there. Spain used to be the hideaway of choice for many undesirables. Seems Pakistan is that place now.


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