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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chris Huhne can't remember

You may think so. I couldn't possibly comment!
It's very strange. Unless one is an inveterate speeder with absolute nonchalance towards speed cameras, penalty points and the traffic police, I would have thought a speeding ticket event with penalty points added would have been a memorable event. I can't remember all the Watch With Mother episodes which featured Muffin' the Mule, but I remember the mule. OK, so the memory fades, but does it fade for our convenience or its own convenience?

One thing that Chris Huhne is not and that is a silly man. There have been some in parliament, but he is not one of them. However, I think he's between a rock and a hard place on this issue now. He has been telling us that he did not ask anyone to take points for him. Anyone could be me. He has never said "I never asked my wife to take points for me". Now he says he can't remember if he was driving on the day in question. And mysteriously his former wife has apparently had three points put on an unblemished licence. This is not good enough for a cabinet minister. Frankly, the crazy talk of penalty points, who was where, who was driving, etc, etc, is distracting from the core business of the Coalition. That is to get the country out of the farmyard manure and not drive right back into it.

A lot of this talk is childish retaliation for the LibDems signing up to coalition government in the first place. Those critics should get real. Nobody won the general election, so don't think you get the victor ludorum just for losing slightly. You'd think some people believe coalition government is a bit like a supermarket price war. Now there's disgruntled talk by disaffected LibDems in Eastleigh, Huhne's constituency, that his election expenses may not be all they should be. It's far more about spite than about a high moral interest in observing the law.

I bet loads of Chris Huhne's detractors are speeders on the roads. Here's a wicked thought! How about putting speed limiters into the cars of all those seeking to do him down? Or checking their past history as law-abiding drivers? Don't all rush at once.


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