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Friday, May 06, 2011

Leicester South By-election Result

Jon Ashworth's red letter day
The result of the Leicester South By-election is in. Probably the longest wait for a result ever. However, they did have all the other ballots to count in the other elections and no council wants to employ unnecessary counters, do they?

Labour won, which isn't surprising. Perhaps Mr.Ashworth can now tell the voters where Labour would cut things in order to balance the books? Or is that wishful thinking.

Here's the result -

Jon Ashworth, Labour Party 19771 57.84%
Zuffar Haq, Liberal Democrats 7693 22.51%
Jane Marion Hunt, Conservative Party 5169 15.12%
Abhijit Pradip Pandya, UKIP 994 2.91%
Howling Laud Hope, Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party 553 1.62%

Labour Majority 12,078

A decisive win for Labour no doubt, but they need to propose as well as oppose.

By the way, Leicester City Council have the best interactive results page of all the councils I've seen. Brilliant!


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