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Saturday, May 07, 2011

No Oscar for Osama Bin Laden's home videos

You've been badly framed!
The White House has taken great delight in releasing some boring videos that they found in the Bin Laden compound. There aren't many laughs in them, so the comedy element is lacking. The wardrobe department is also rather lacklustre. All we see is Osama rambling on about the ills of the world as he sees it. His compound looks an untidy mess. I doubt he got his electrical wiring checked. It looked highly dangerous on the pictures. He could have set the house on fire just with his VCR collection.

No doubt all this plays well in America. President Obama's poll ratings have rocketed, all because of this feel good factor. But Bin Laden's death isn't going to help the deficit one iota. Americans are still fighting a war in Afghanistan on the ludicrous basis that he was thought to be there but he isn't there now because he's dead. He never was there, or at least not since 9/11. Pakistan was always going to be his best bet for a man as corrupt as he was knows a thing or two about corruption in a country like Pakistan. Also, he could have been bombed with impunity in Afghanistan if found out. Not so easy in Pakistan. He just didn't reckon with the navy seals. Neither did Pakistan for that matter.

al Qaeda is like some spore carrying fungus, popping up here and there where the ground is reasonably fertile. But it is also fast becoming a footnote in history. None of the franchised cells are having any influence in the Arab Spring. The vast majority of Muslims find the organisation objectionable. al Qaeda remains a threat but no more than it did last week when Osama Bin Laden was still checking over his video collection.

With the arch-terrorist dead, what now for the war in Afghanistan. The training seems to be taking for ever. Surely the Afghan police know how to make arrests by now? The Afghan army can shoot straight and obey commands, surely? The Taliban were never our enemy. They might have been the enemy of freedom for Afghans, but history tells us the Afghans are better off fighting amongst themselves. The only problem left is the wretched poppy crop and President Obama has done as much as his predecessor on this one. Diddly squat!

Afghanistan's poppy harvest by CNN_International


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