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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Robert Mugabe feted in Rome

A penny for his thoughts?
There are a couple of things concerning me currently in the Vatican direction. Not the Ordinariate and Anglican contemplations of such. No, this is more the beatification of Pope John Paul II so soon after his death. It smacks a bit of human desire rather than saintly recognition. But the most troublesome matter is of Robert Mugabe venturing to Rome for this beatification ceremony. Confession is good for the soul and I presume to say that Mugabe's soul may be troubling him. If not, it should be. As a Roman Catholic, he understands that his own human desires, as promoted to the world, have been diametrically in opposition to the Faith on many occasions. However, there is more joy in heaven over one sinner, etc, etc. Should he not now take advantage of the situation and say something positive?


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