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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seaweed or satellites?

I am beginning to wonder whether we should go back to hanging seaweed in the garden to tell what weather we might be getting. As I type this, the BBC Weather says Solihull will get "sunny intervals" tomorrow, Sunday will be "white cloud" as will Monday. Now for the last month I've been looking at the three day forecast which pops up on the BBC homepage. Whatever they say for one day, the weather forecast will be different when that day comes. So tomorrow I'm not expecting "sunny intervals" but maybe "white cloud" or some other weather pattern.

I know they've given up forecasting weeks in advance. But surely next day can't be too difficult. All these expensive satellites peering down at the clouds as the shift across the globe. I'll be very keen to see what tomorrow's weather logo will look like. Of course, some people can forecast the future with a high degree of accuracy. THE DAILY EXPRESS! They are confident that June and July will be scorchers. I do hope this is the first thing they've got right.

Sky News - Saturday's Front Pages


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