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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twitter Ye Not! Famous footballer fears Big Brother is coming to get him

The bird will sing a loud song
I don't know what has become of the British people. We say we believe in free speech yet we appear helpless when a gaggle of superannuated footballers, bankers and a general coterie of famous flotsam decide to go for super injunctions to stop the world knowing what kind of sods they are. If they had just left well alone nobody would have bothered.

The latest nonsense is over a famous footballer having an extramarital affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas which lasted for seven months. He got the seven month itch I suppose. Anyway, she's peeved she can't write a book about it, parliamentarians are peeved they can't speak about it and others (although Fred the Shred got outed) and so it goes on.

The legal establishment thinks these super injunctions are tickety-boo. But they must be living in cloud cuckoo land if they think it will all be kept secret. The internet will make them all look like prize clowns instead of erudite judges. Because they are indulging in this monstrous cover-up people are pushing their doors open. Twitter is only one such place to discuss who it may be. In a very short time I found out who the alleged footballer was. Oh him!, I thought. And then felt I couldn't really care less. But as it is only alleged that he did this deed with the Big Brother star, nobody really knows. He's getting his name discussed as if he were some slave about to be sold. And slave he will be. Slave to the fear of being outed. Made a mockery of.

Of course, if it isn't him, he's been put in the frame unfairly. Wow, gossip is a hard thing. It's all like a game of Chinese Whispers with a veritable throng of ill-informed whisperers.


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