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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Vincent Tabak admits manslaughter of Jo Yeates

Manslaughter or murder? 
Vincent Tabak, a 33 year old Dutchman, is accused of killing the landscape architect who disappeared on 17 December after going for drinks with colleagues. He has now admitted to her manslaughter but not her murder. The prosecution has refused to accept Tabak's manslaughter plea and a murder trial will go ahead on 4 October.

This case is going to be a prominent one, that's not in doubt. Right from the beginning things went off in several directions. Even now there is an element of uncertainty. Tabak has consistently said he didn't do it. Do what exactly? Kill Jo Yeates? Murder her or just cause her death? Words can mean what they are wanted to mean. Something happened that night of 17th December last year. Five months later we get a couple of steps further forward, but maybe one step backwards in attempting to get justice.

Justice is hard to come by. In such cases as this it is up to forensic lawyers to dig into the truth. I suspect a concoction of human emotions is not far from the surface, contributed in equal measure by all involved in the case. But justice is defined by putting emotions aside and allowing the unvarnished truth to emerge.


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