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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wither the weather today?

So yesterday it was forecast as "sunny intervals" for today in Solihull. Now when the icon goes up with the tag line, that's supposed to be the predominant weather pattern. I accept it's not 100% guaranteed. But each day it changes. So today this morning I look at the pattern and, lo and behold, it's changed. What to? "light rain shower" is the answer. So a light rain shower trumps sunny intervals. Sunday, tomorrow is still "white cloud" but will that change tomorrow? Tantalisingly, Monday is now forecast as "sunny intervals".

If one looks at a weather forecast and sees thisit can lift the spirits a bit. But if one sees thisthe very next day it's a bit of a downer, if not a downpour. Maybe the Met Office could go to this event?

Thunder in the Desert 2012


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