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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sexy MP? They're outraged at the very thought!

Bessie Braddock MP
A new website is causing a stir with MPs. It is called Sexy MP and is the brainchild of a certain Francis Boulle. He wants people to rate their most fancied MP by asking the lurid question "Which MP would you rather have sex with?".

I've had a look but I've not voted. Not that I'm being holier-than-thou or feeling pompously satisfied that I think it vulgar. I just didn't think that an MP was meant to be fancied that way. Now I have to admit a lot of them are very good looking, and that's not just the women. I see Luciana Berger is way out in front. But she's got a good photo to pull in the votes. There was a time when MPs didn't smile and didn't look like that. My goodness, where would Bessie Braddock have been placed? Or Dame Irene Ward? Could anyone have voted for Sir Gerald Nabarro? They would have had a fit knowing that the voters were ranking them by looks rather than policies.

When you click on the name you get to visit Google images. Caroline Flint was one I chose. Instantly a wall of Caroline Flint photos. But there's an interloper. Caroline Flint has been a midwife for 33 years! Not the Caroline Flint I was looking for, as Facebook would say.

I suppose it's a bit of harmless fun. I've heard that most of the Top 20 had been discussed in the Commons already. It's just that those doing the talking probably never thought they'd end up being included in a grand contest of all the talent.


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