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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Singer Glenn Campbell has Alzheimer's disease

The Original Rhinestone Cowboy
Alzheimer's disease is probably the saddest of all diseases because it robs a person of mind which in turn limits the functionality of the body. Whilst it is invidious to rank disease in a table of severity and suffering, Alzheimer's does have a particular aspect about it. We are who we are and if that is taken away by illness we are greatly diminished as humans.

Glen Campbell's wife Kim has revealed to People magazine that her husband has the disease. She said if her husband "flubs a lyric or gets confused on stage", she wanted fans to know the reason. I think that's not only very brave of her but also very reasoned and sensible. His fans will be only too ready to accept that and support him as he plans to retire from the music industry later this year with a series of farewell concerts.

"I still love making music, and I still love performing for my fans. I'd like to thank them for sticking with me through thick and thin," Glenn said. When I travelled around the USA in my twenties, Wichita was one place I stayed. The lineman had made it famous for me. It was also the place I tasted the best pizza in America and the worst seafood on offer at a shrimp peel dining event. Huge bowls full of shrimps ready for peeling. I think those shrimps walked all the way to Wichita!

I just hope Glenn Campbell can have a retirement without too much personal pain.


God speed, Glenn!

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