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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waverly Hills sanitorium - is it the scariest place?

Waverly Hills Sanitorium (in closed state)
I've just come across Wavely Hills Santinorium as being popular with those who like being haunted. The house is set in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. The haunted crowd think it is the scariest place on earth. So much so that it features in TV shows with people discussing its scariness. Of course, I'm sure these scaremongers (sellers of scares as opposed to spreaders of scares) don't really consider the poor souls that stayed an eternity in this medicating hellhole.

There is a company that does tours of the place, claiming to be the only legitimate tour guide arrangement. The house has a history. It was a place to keep TB patients. Tuberculosis has never been a disease that allowed gentle home nursing, at least not in recent times. Better put them in a house of eccentric construction in serried ranks of beds attended by nurses of strict routine. This hospital is alleged to have disposed of 63,000 in mysterious circumstances, to have a room, Room 502, where a nurse met a grisly end. The show Ghosthunters keeps all this going.

All I know is that most of the time these sort of establishments were in existence the patients had a hard time. But reality of the real sort does not make good television. It's all the speculation and the myth machine that captures the imagination. Just one look at Waverly Hills makes one shudder to think what it was really like in that place. And to think some people think it might make a good hotel. Sweet dreams.


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