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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

HSBC manager locks customer up for half an hour!

Shanghaied by the bankers!
HSBC, aka the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, seems to be following some of the tips it has picked up over the years from its involvement with Chinese mandarins. One of them is that if you don't get a customer to see it your way just lock her up for half an hour to see if panic gets her to see reason. I'm not making this up. HSBC did, or at least one of its minions, described by the Daily Mail as a "bank manager". Of course, they don't exist anymore. There are managers of branches, but mostly the people you see on the shop floor are interchangeable sales staff and account handlers.

Josephine Lewis is a widow and was held hostage in the bank after seeking help with crippling overdraft charges. Christopher Hicks locked her in an interview room with himself for half an hour despite her screams of ‘let me out’. Hicks, who is still in charge of the HSBC branch, blocked her exit until she filled out a form detailing her spending. She was only released when other staff heard her cries.

HSBC then harassed her with hundreds of ‘abusive and threatening’ phone calls. She received up to eight a day over an 18-month period. Now, after a three-year legal battle – which she paid for with her late mother’s life savings – she has finally received an apology.

Isn't it amazing? HSBC doesn't come out of this smelling of roses at all. More like a stinking Chinese herbal remedy, except here the dimwitted Mr. Hicks took on the wrong woman and has made the bank look cheap and cheesy. Mrs.Lewis was sort of shanghaied but then that isn't that strange for these bankers.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011646/Widow-Josephine-Lewis-held-hostage-bank-manager-Christopher-Hicks.html#ixzz1RJxoVSHA


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