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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fat dogs and Englishmen go out for a take-out

One fat dog with human traits and trends
Last night we had fish and chips. It's a great meal, quite nutritional if cooked well. However, we only have it about once a month. We cook our own pizzas, and make our own chicken nuggets for the children. I've got a slow cooker, and we have cooked vegetables and we have salads (not just lettuce leaves!). I go regularly and suffer not from constipation or diarrhea. I'm not paragon of vitamin virtue but neither am I a glutton for culinary punishment. So I can't understand gartantuans and their problems.

Jamie Oliver is quite right to berate Michael Gove over food in schools. Because successive ministers have skirted round this. We have crap food in British institutions! Even in my uncle's London club the food was worse than school. If anyone complained the answer was "they like it like they remembered at school!".

My stay in hospitals, infrequent as they are, have been marred by the frightful food and the nonchalent attitude of the staff. The medical procedures I can't fault, but knives and stitches don't provide sustinence. FOOD DOES!

We are only fools to ourselves. Fools for letting government ministers feed us crap, both political and physical. What is wrong with cooking good, decent healthy food? Is in beyond the ken of these hospital administrators?

Unhealthy food is creeping back into schools. Doesn't surprise me. If people are weaned onto the wrong food, then given the wrong ideas about food generally, then we have an ignorant mass of people. Do they want to be so dim? I like confectionary, crisps, chips, etc. It's all tempting stuff. But I don't eat the stuff three or four times a day. Variety is the spice of life and is certainly the spice of food. All the programmes I've seen on fat people being given tasty food that doesn't blow them up further shows that they never ever thought of eating such stuff. Education is the way. If people don't know, let those who do show the way.

Nearly one quarter of British women are fat. Or obese, in the clinically correct jargon. The UK has more obese women than any other country in Europe, according to data agency Eurostat. It looked at 19 countries, found 23.9% of British women were recorded as being obese in the year 2008 to 2009. And no doubt many of those are smoking too!

Jamie Oliver may feel he's whistling in the wind sometimes, but I think his motives are right. Good healthy food never killed anyone. It's the over indulgence that is the killer.


It seems to be worse in the United States. Obesity has become an epidemic. Here's some information that might make people in England feel a little better. Our UK cousins smoke a bit more than we do. People over there also drink a bit more than we do. We Americans spend twice as much per capita on health care as do people in the UK. Why, then, do people in the UK live slightly longer and are somewhat healthier in middle age? It seems that your lifestyles are somewhat better balanced overall. We also spend huge amounts of money on specialists, especially at the end of life when it doesn't do any good.

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