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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gisela Stuart and her high speed jobs!

Cautious start to HS2 high speed dating
I've just seen Gisela Stuart on Midlands Today. She was wearing a "YES" badge, presumably in support of HS2. She said that "we desperately need jobs in Birmingham" (which is very true), then went on to say that a high speed link with Manchester would enable the jobless to go looking for jobs elsewhere by using the high speed train connection! Is she on something? It's speed of sorts! This is where these people lose the plot as far as I am concerned. Don't go looking for jobs in Brum, get the HS2 and find one elsewhere. A highly expensive way to solve unemployment!

I have a suggestion for Gisela. I think the jobless could spend time with the speed hungry business leaders and discuss job opportunities as they whish past Stafford or wherever. Or the other way, 49 minutes down to London would be ample time for a job offer. Speed job hunting on high speed trains. I'm all for it. And why not speed dating, too. Lonely hearts from all over the country flitting from carriage to carriage. Must be a market there.

Gisela said "we have to create jobs" as if this is the magic formula. She is a bit like her sister German, Angela Merkel. When the fancy takes them, they come up with fantastical fancies that nobody can comprehend. Apart from job hunting, what other virtues does the HS2 hold out for us? More ideas, Gisela?


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