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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

John Terry lookalike on Indian cigarette packet

John Terry's imperfect Indian doppleganger!
A man said to resemble John Terry, the loudmouth ball kicker, has appeared on cigarette packets in India. The photo is so grainy it could be that of any one of a million men in the world, from about six different races. However, John Terry's "people" were quick off the mark to say that "their man" had had his image besmirched by nicotine purveyors in India. The ad agency in reply claims the image is "artistic imagination". Not quite, but it could be construed as confusing. Anyone from Charles Atlas to the local milkman on a saucy calendar.

I suspect that this has nothing to do with John Terry as such. More a knee-jerk reaction to see if big rupees are on offer as "compensation". I would have thought the "people" would have thought a bit better. When the Indians  get full wind of who this grey gremlin is supposed to represent, a sub-continental wave of mutterings will make anything Terry said on the football field seem like a hoarse whisper.


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