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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Michele Bachmann bows out with Obama bashing speech

Michele Bachmann goes on about "socialism" as she bows out of the race to be president. She also has a thing about Benjamin Franklin. I just think he might have found her a bit too flaky for his liking. As with many men of his age he was able to be many things, politician the least of them. Education was something then, when Congress had "minds" capable of discussing the great issues of the day. Would Benjamin Franklin be in favour of a Federal Reserve Bank that reserves little and squanders much? A dollar bill in his day was something of value and worth.

Ms Bachmann has said virtually zilch on how to get America out of the quagmire it is in. She speaks well about patriotism, and I don't deride her for that. But love of country is only good if it is part of helping that country. I'm sure the good folk of Iowa are as patriotic as the next, but they are not fools and they want the finances to be balanced and true. Attacking Obama may be good for her and her followers but it is only that. She has no special answer to the medical mess where some have much and many just get by hoping they don't get anything too disastrous.

Rick Santorum blurted out that he heard Margaret Thatcher say the National Health Service of Britain was a calamitous mistake and a drain on resources. He is using her as his standard bearer. When asked directly when and where she said this, or if she ever did, he went coy and rushed off. Is Rick turning out to be a false prophet?

Americans need more that scary talk, disingenuous waffle. They want the truth. Ron Paul is that guy. No bull in Iowa from Ron! Michele Bachmann has been voted of the bus. The coach trip continues.


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