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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Paul finishes a good second in New Hampshire

Ron Paul delights his supporters in New Hampshire
Ron Paul is now the one to take on Mitt Romney's vague conservative thinking. Where Romney speaks in vacuous terms about the deficit, about jobs and about his own career, Ron Paul speaks from the heart over things he truly believes in. Surely Americans are electing a president in this process and not a kind-hearted preacher man. Mitt Romney has only said he believes in his faith, family and in his career. The rest is somewhere in the clouds. However some 40% of New Hampshire voters in this primary joined him in those clouds. What for they have only themselves to ask.

Now coming second is not winning, I know, but Ron Paul is doing far better than the establishment would like. They have to report him now. They have to sit up and think. But you can bet your bottom dollar they won't squeak about where their trillions actually went. Or why they wanted trillions of fake money in the first place.

Mark Mardell on his BBC blog says - "Iowa's second favourite son, Rick Santorum, did badly here.

Instead in second place, Ron Paul. The Texas Congressman may be the most interesting phenomenon of this campaign, and his gleeful, impish speech extolling liberty and castigating government was a thing of freewheeling beauty in a world where so much is pre-planned, plotted and rehearsed.

Path to victory? I am not going to write him off. Perhaps the Republican right will come together behind him in future contests. But I suspect he is too strong meat, too consistently libertarian for many conservatives. He won't go quietly, however."

No he won't go quietly. But actually I think strong meat is just what many Americans want just now. They've had it with chopped liver and sub standard ground beef. Ron Paul is really the only man standing fit for proper conservatives to rally round.

Here's a video of him. I can't find anything but good in what he says. A speech of freewheeling beauty in a world where so much is pre-planned, plotted and rehearsed indeed!


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