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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sarkozy given to insulting Britain

Nicolas Sarkozy peddling falsehoods in French!
It's a bit rich for the Hungarian Frenchman, Nicolas Sarkozy, to be insulting Britain. He's not exactly been a just steward of the French economy. Today he boldy states that "the United Kingdom has no manufacturing" and considers this a right and proper thing to say. He's not only wrong, he's rude and simplistic. Must be those heels giving him too much air.

Under his leadership, France has been made to sign up to all manner of devious shenanigans in order to save the Euro. That benighted currency has been fiddled with and perverted before it was converted. Both France and Germany cobbled together this new money, then broke their own rules under the stability pact, oversaw a spending spree that even Croesus would have blushed at, and then had the brass neck to lecture the "southern states" about profligacy and financial ineptitude.

Nicolas Sarkozy is a weasel wordsmith of the worst kind. I hope he fails to be elected as president again with a thumping and resounding "NON!"


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