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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wimbledon is not just for tennis

Glory days for Wimbledon
Once upon a time there was a football club in Wimbledon. Known as the Dons. They did very well and were on top of their game, literally. Then the money men moved in and moved the club all the way to Milton Keynes. Hardly South London. These people were of different clay, with their stone cows in their fields and a shopping centre for a town. But money talks and sometimes walks. The Football Association and the Football League, ever keen to advance the cause of cash in the game, just sat back. But the footballing folk of Wimbledon started up a new club. The Dons were like a phoenix. They had to call the new club AFC Wimbledon, but every one new it was Wimbledon starting again. The runaway club was calling itself MK Dons, but in reality was Milton Keynes, as very few Wimbledon folk travelled to this place for a game. And so AFC Wimbledon started in the lowly leagues and progressed up. Now they are one league behind their rival.

I mention this because football is in the news regarding Harry Redknapp and his tax affairs. Bungs may come and bungs may go, I do not know, but the story of Wimbledon is a nice one. The ordinary fans standing up to the money men and the financial flotsam and jetsam that permeates English football today.


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