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Friday, February 03, 2012

Chris Huhne resigns as LibDem Energy Secretary

Chris Huhne resigns his cabinet seat
The third cabinet minister to resign from the coalition. First David Laws, then Liam Fox and now Chris Huhne. That's 2 to 1 in the LibDems direction. David Laws is not yet fully rehabilitated. Liam Fox has gone to ground and now Chris Huhne falls from the top table. Is coalition politics any different, I wonder?

So it's likely to be Ed Davey in the Cabinet. Fully right honourable and no mistake. I thought it might be Jeremy Browne, but that's only because I read it in a newspaper. Something Lord Leveson would not do!

LibDem politics has become quite interesting. And for David Cameron's premiership, probably things will be a lot quieter with regard to the energy portfolio. No more hot air and talk of turbines exploding. By next week we will all be back to talking about the weather.


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