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Friday, February 03, 2012

Hungarian Malev Airlines collapses

Malév Hungarian Airlines
Airlines are folding rather like card houses on a rickety card table. Now its the turn of Malev, Hungary's national airline. Depending on what the Hungarian government does or does not do, this is still a case of less competition in the airline business. It would appear that the debts are far too big for a rescue. Tonight, the website of Malev says, "Dear Passengers, concerning your travel, we suggest that you ask other airlines about their offers or, if possible, you choose an alternative method of transport". That's how it is these days. Planes get grounded, passengers get stranded.

I see that Ryanair has had the foresight to start a service from Birmingham to Budapest. Starts 28th March. Ryanair will be flying anywhere and everywhere soon. Cattle class only. I'm watching Pan Am on the BBC. Those were the days! I remember as a teenager wondering what it would be like to fly like that. Never did. By the time I got in the air, everything was heading south. However, I've had the opportunity of flying business class with Delta and KLM in the Eighties. It was still something to be reckoned with then. Now everyone is cutting costs so much it's a miracle they get the planes going anywhere. Unless the airline is Ryanair. It's a sort of KwikSave of the airline industry. I hope there are no more airlines to add to the history books.


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