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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lynne Featherstone is revealed as the crusading secularist

Lynne Featherstone spots a crucifix-wearer in the auditorium!
The Equalities minister, Lynne Featherstone, is behind this clumsy attempt to deny Christians the right to wear crucifixes and crosses. The Daily Mail has revealed her zealotry in seeking to stop Christian workers using such adornments. Ms Featherstone is not religious as far as I know. She is apparently a secular Jew with little or no regard for hasidic habits. I don't think she would take on the Jewish community, though, with their distinctive outward appearances. Nor the Muslims or any other group. She's decided that Christians are different so need to be seen to be completely un-Christian in personal appearance.

Of course, as Lord Carey quite rightly says, "The irony is that when governments and courts dictate to Christians that the cross is a matter of insignificance, it becomes an even more important symbol and expression of our faith." Quite! And Boris Johnson, in the Daily Telegraph, has his say in concluding that some legal minds are so clever they banish common sense from their brains.

The Coalition must be barmy if it thinks it is helping the country get out of the mess it's in by stoking up anti-Catholic rhetoric and denigrating Christian values. Ms Featherstone isn't acting in isolation. Theresa May must have a hand in this, as well as David Cameron himself. What can they be thinking of?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2113639/Lynne-Featherstone-launches-assault-right-wear-cross-work.html#ixzz1ouEMpT8i


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