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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Murder he did not commit - Sam Hallam freedom story

Justice at last!
People get caught up in all sorts of things they never ever expected to. I once witnessed a case of petty violence at a petrol station. I called the police. Wrong move. As I gave interminable personal information to the call centre, the perpetrators had disappeared. On one hand the police seem to see public involvement as a nuisance and on the other they get decidely worked up. Murders work them up. They seem to think they must close the case in days regardless of the facts because perceived public anger is reigning down on them.

The case of Sam Hallam is very much one of a hapless young man caught up in things he is clueless to control. The police said he did it, had their witnesses and judge and jury all concur. Seven years in jail. Yet all along there was one person, or maybe more, who knew there was evidence to the contrary. The boy was two miles away using his mobile phone. I can't help thinking the word cover-up is suitable here. That person kept quiet all the time Hallam was in jail. The Appeal Court heard his case, yet the evidence remained concealed. Then the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) got involved and their deliberations found it all out. Why so long? And is anything going to happen to those who knew better?

Many say that if you haven't done anything you've nothing to fear. Well Sam Hallam did nothing or at least didn't murder anyone and he got seven years. And for the salivating hanging brigade, he could well have been dead too if the death sentence had been around. Food for thought indeed.


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