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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updating in a world of googlies

I've got a new computer. I just couldn't keep with the demands of updating. It's not even tortoise and hare stuff these days, more like being in a perpetual marathon. My laptop's processor was not up to it apparently. The internet demands constant attention to the novelty and the altered. So I'm learning to use this new machine. Seems OK so far. In fact I'm quite marvelling at the speed of it all. Just I'm a bit uncertain of certain things.

The one thing I do know about computers is that they can drive you mad if they don't perform. A bit like Wayne Rooney and the England team. Now does Wayne have a top notch Intel processor under that new thatch? Seems Roy's got the drivers in place. I better concentrate on getting acquainted with my own drivers. Be back soon. 


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