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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bob Diamond's memory seems awry

I'm just watching Bob Diamond giving evidence at the Treasury Select Committee. He seems to have had a whole series of monumental information pass his desk and he never seemed to think such stuff was worthy of comment until last week. LIBOR, swaps, Tucker talk, all sorts of revelations and blatant conversation. He saw the emails from the Bollinger Boys, yet thought all was OK.

Is his memory fit for purpose? I'm utterly amazed that he never thought much of all this. Viscount Thurso (John to Bob!) suggested he was like Geoffrey Boycott at a test match. Stuck at the wicket for two hours with nothing much happening. Lord Thurso asked if he knew of litigation against Barclays? A six million dollar lawsuit on his desk and he knows little and did nowt! Amazing.


it seems as you stood a a lot more wonderful weekend compared to my own! lol ha, we spent the idea studying regarding finals. ughhh.
lovely blog, incidentally!

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